Have you ever felt like your life is not in your control?

Master Of My Fate - An Empowering Guided Meditation For Women

Have you ever felt disempowered and stuck in a cycle of blame and resentment?

Then this meditation is for you…

It was partly inspired by a poem called Invictus by William Ernest Henley.

I came across this poem at a time in my life when I was very disempowered.

I felt like my life was not my own… like I had little or no control over my future.

Today, I know differently. I know I’m the one who controls my own fate and my feelings.

It doesn’t matter to me how other people behave. It only matters how I respond to it.

Today I know that I get to choose how I react to stressors in my life, whether they involve people or circumstances.

But that transformation took a lot of heartache and some hard lessons.

Because of everything I learned in my life, my mission is to empower people like you to take back your power and become the Master of your fate, the Captain of your soul.

This guided meditation audio has many of the lessons I learned from decades of empowering myself to be the master of my own destiny and I hope it will help you do the same.

If you’ve ever felt like your life is not in your control, if you’ve ever felt disempowered, if you’re stuck in a cycle of blame and resentment, this meditation is for you.

Testimonial from Kasturika Ghosh

This is awesome. Love the way it makes me relax. I have been following this for 3 days before I go to sleep, and I can feel that my sleep patterns are slowly changing, and my mind is slowly getting stress-free. Thanks for this course!

Testimonial from Rohit Ramachandran:

The meditation was very refreshing and it helped me see my life with more clarity. I loved the Buddhist practice of loving-kindness where positive affirmations are uttered to release the sticky remnants of negativity such as lust, greed, ego, gluttony, sloth. I already feel better and charged up. Thank you, Priya Ma’am. I am forever indebted to you.

Listen to this empowering guided meditation and take back your power to become the Master of your fate, the Captain of your soul.

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