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Calling In The One Mindvalley

Free Calling In The One Mindvalley Workshop

Many agree that sharing a deep, romantic love with that special ‘One’ may very well be the pinnacle of our human experience. And perhaps it is. Yet the journey to attaining that love can sometimes be fraught with frustration and heartache.

Misplaced trust. Dates that go awry. Relationships that just simply peter out over time. And perhaps your past patterns in love may have you wondering if authentic love will ever happen for you.

Does ‘love’ always have to hurt? No, you don’t have to settle for love. So what does it really take to manifest your soulmate into your love life? Well, there’s a process.

If you’ve ever studied the art of manifesting your soulmate, you’ll know Katherine Woodward Thomas. She’s the New York Times bestselling author behind the Calling In The One book and Conscious Uncoupling, and one of the most sought-after trainers on love and relationships.

Katherine has just announced an upcoming live online workshop with Mindvalley. And it’s the ideas of her first book that is the subject of the free 2-hour workshop she’s hosting this Feb 13. (Just in time for Valentine’s day.)

In her free Calling in The One Mindvalley online workshop, Katherine will show you how to break free from your old romantic patterns, reclaim your confidence and magnetism, and reshape your ‘love identity’ so your soulmate can’t help but be drawn to you.

You’ll learn how to show up so radiantly and authentically that your beloved (whoever he or she may be) can’t help but instantly recognize you as “The One” for them.

In the Calling in The One Mindvalley workshop, Katherine will expand on many of her most beloved techniques, tools, and mindset shifts for drawing the right person into your life.

She will guide you through her signature process for rewriting your love story so you can manifest your ideal partner you can call “The One” – and who, in return, recognizes you as “The One” for them.

Calling In The One Mindvalley

No matter what stage of your life you’re at or how many romantic missteps you’ve had, or whether you’ve recently gone through a painful break-up or divorce, it’s never too late to nurture the fulfilling, lasting love relationship you’ve always wanted and rewrite your love story.

The Calling in The One Mindvalley workshop happens this Feb 13, 2022.

Time: 9am LA / 12pm NYC / 1am (next day) Singapore

Here’s what you’ll learn in this free 2-hour workshop:

  • Uncover the invisible barriers inside you that silently punish your love life

Discover the invisible saboteurs that have been derailing your love life, erase them for good, and shape your new romantic destiny with a clean slate.

  • How to reclaim your confidence, radiance, and irresistible magnetism

Harness Katherine’s signature process for reshaping your “Love Identity” to show up as the most empowered, irresistible version of you.

  • Becoming the ideal partner to your ideal partner

Learn how to spark an irresistible connection, intimacy, and empathy in the presence of your soulmate so you’re both drawn closer to one another.

  • Nurturing a deeply fulfilling relationship that stands the test of time

Apply Katherine Woodward Thomas’ Calling In The One blueprint for a lasting relationship where the sparks are always flying – no matter what challenges appear, and how each of you evolves as an individual.

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