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Free Training: Setting Healthy Boundaries in Relationships


Free Training On Setting Healthy Boundaries In Relationships

Learn how to set healthy boundaries in relationships with a free 3-video training series with Boundary Boss author, Terri Cole.

Are you having boundary issues at work or home?

Do you take on every request at work … when you really want to say no?

Are you doing most of the housework, scheduling, and planning at home?

Do you have a friend whose conversations often leave you drained or unhappy?

If so, you’re not alone. And there’s a common thread here: disordered boundaries.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can get good at setting healthy boundaries!

Psychotherapist, relationship expert, and Boundary Boss author, Terri Cole, has helped thousands to get their lives back by addressing this core issue. And she’s here to help you, too.

In this free 3-session video series, Creating Better Boundaries, you’ll learn some of her most effective skills and strategies for speaking up for your needs and living your truth.

These short sessions pack a trove of insights and tips that will make an immediate difference — at work, at home, and with your more “challenging” friends.

Join this free 3-session video series, for practical tips, self-assessments, boundary script sentence starters, and other empowering insights for creating better boundaries in some of our most needed spaces.

Healthy boundaries mean better relationships, whether at work, at home, or with your friends. If you need to learn how to set boundaries in relationships, this training is the best relationship advice you’ll get.

Sign up for this FREE 3-Video Training Series with Terri Cole and learn how to create healthy boundaries.

  • Video #1: Boundaries at Work

When did you agree to work 24/7? Do you struggle when it comes to delegating responsibilities? In Video #1, Terri helps you create better boundaries and communicate more effectively in your professional life.

  • Video #2: Boundaries at Home

Do you feel like you’re doing way more than your share to keep the household running? And just a teeny bit resentful about it? In Video #2, Terri has your back with guidance on better personal boundaries at home.

  • Video #3: Boundaries with Friends

Have folks you called “friends” become your “frenemies”? Are some of your friendships a little out of balance? Video #3 brings you Terri’s highly sought advice on creating healthy friendships.

Terri’s relationship advice for women will help in setting healthy boundaries in relationships, whether you need to start setting boundaries in marriage, boundaries in dating, setting boundaries with parents, or setting boundaries at work.

Free training on setting healthy  boundaries in a relationship

Set Boundaries

Boundaries, Communication & Living True

Learn how to get your needs met, improve your relationships, and live true with Terri Cole’s all-new, live online program, Boundaries, Connections, and Living True.

Have your gut instincts ever told you to assert yourself…but you didn’t want to rock the boat or make someone upset? Have you avoided an uncomfortable (but necessary) conversation with a friend or coworker?

Many of us — especially women — were raised to sacrifice ourselves for those we care about (and often those we don’t). But when we spend our lives that way, we don’t leave much energy for our own needs.

If you’re tired of over-giving, putting yourself last, always saying “yes,” and feeling resentful, it may be time to understand and create healthier boundaries.

You CAN start living in fearless truth and self-love with this 6-Session LIVE online training program with psychotherapist and Boundary Boss author, Terri Cole, starting on September 13, 2021!

For over two decades, psychotherapist and empowerment mentor Terri Cole has helped thousands to stand strong for themselves, get their needs met, and bring true intimacy to their relationships.

With Boundaries, Connections, and Living True, she invites you to get your life back too. In this six-session LIVE training, the acclaimed author of Boundary Boss guides you in real time every step of the way.

In three immersive weeks, you’ll learn the following steps to create boundaries in relationships:

  • Know Your Boundary Style

Are your boundaries too porous? Too rigid? Or healthy and flexible? Self-knowledge is the first step in standing up for yourself and living free.

  • Connect the Dots

Your automatic reactions and repeating patterns start early in life. When you see clearly how you learned them, positive changes will follow.

  • Remove the Obstacles

We each have specific blind spots that stop us from developing healthier boundaries. Learn how to overcome them to speed forward.

  • Build Better Boundaries

Learn and practice how to be seen, and understood, and get your needs met — not to control others but to live and flourish fully in the world.

  • Deal with Boundary Breakers

What just happened to me? How to know when the line gets crossed, and specific ways to respond effectively.

  • Get the Words Right

Communicating boundaries is a language like any other. With specific tips and scripts, you’ll be heard and received more fully.

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist and global relationship and empowerment expert. For over two decades, she has worked with clients ranging from stay-at-home moms to celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs.

She has a gift for making complex psychological concepts accessible and actionable so that clients and students achieve sustainable change.

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