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Free Self-Help Programs & Self-Improvement Courses


Free Self-Help Programs, Self-Growth & Self-Improvement Courses

If you’re into self-growth and self-development, you’ll love these online self-help courses, self-help programs, and self-improvement courses by experts.

Are you into personal improvement and bettering yourself? Do you want to develop yourself, improve self-development skills, increase self-awareness, increase confidence, increase self-esteem, and promote self-healing?

Then you’ll love this list of the best self-help programs, self-improvement products, and self-development programs created by expert coaches and therapists.

🌸 Free Body As Healer Video

Fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), migraines, severe PMS, and chronic fatigue syndrome — these chronic conditions are all too real. They can be agonizing and debilitating. Embark on a journey that may help give you back your life — and achieve “freedom from pain” in this course with Dr. Peter Levine.

🌸 Free Qigong For Beginners Exercises

Learn Qigong for beginners exercises to build your immune system, rejuvenate your body, and achieve radiant health with Qigong teacher, Lee Holden.

🌸 Free Silva Ultramind Meditation For Creativity

Learn how to boost your creativity with meditation and brainwaves. Get reliable access to the Alpha, Theta, and Delta states of mind with the Silva Ultramind System Mindvalley Course.

🌸 Learn Lucid Dreaming Techniques For Beginners

Explore the world of lucid dreaming and lucid dreamplay. Learn lucid dreaming for beginners with daytime and nighttime practices to awaken within your dream.

🌸 Free Video on Your True Calling

In this free video, Your True Calling, Kripalu Scholar-in-Residence, Stephen Cope, will help you discover a time-tested guide for discovering and fulfilling your true calling and living a life of purpose, taken from The Bhagavad Gita.

🌸 The 3 Keys To Transformative Learning

Join Vishen Lakhiani in this FREE masterclass as he dives deep into the core principles he’s learned that will insert life-changing personal growth into your day-to-day living so you can live the life you always wanted to live.

🌸 10 Brain Hacks To Learn Fast

Join Jim Kwik, the foremost expert in memory improvement and brain performance, in a Masterclass that will transform the way you think, learn, and live. Discover 10 powerful hacks to unlock your Superbrain to learn faster, retain more, and forget less.

🌸 Anita Moorjani Shares Her Near-Death Experience (NDE)

Hear Anita Moorjani share her near-death experience (NDE) and simulate your own NDE to welcome peace, love, and joy into your life.

🌸 Learn Meditation for Productivity

Learn to use Meditation to actually help you become a powerhouse at work and a magnet that attracts good things into your life. It starts when you understand these five specific techniques.

🌸 Becoming Focused & Indistractable

Become immune to overwhelm and develop powerful focus with this Free Masterclass with Vishen Lakhiani & Nir Eyal – one of the world’s leading experts in habit formation and focus. Discover how to rise above distractions, own your time, and regain your peak focus and performance, no matter what’s going on inside you or around you.

🌸 Free Non-Violent Communication (NVC) Training

What is Non-Violent Communication (NVC)? Created by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, NVC is a way out of seemingly unresolvable conflicts where everyone leaves with a sense of fulfillment and with their self-respect intact. Learn Nonviolent Communication for couples and improve your relationships.

🌸 How to Heal From a Breakup

Experience a session to heal your heart with a powerful 10-minute exercise to release relationship hurts and instantly reclaim your power with the NY Times Bestselling Author of Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling. Break free from negative relationship patterns, find emotional freedom, and be ready to love again.

🌸 Free Energies Of Love Masterclass

Did you know that we all have a distinct energy pattern that determines how we love, how we fight, and how we connect? Learn what this means for your relationship with yourself, your partner, and the world around you and discover the energetic secret to a lifetime of free-flowing love, passion, and harmony.

🌸 Tapping Into Emotional Mastery

Tapping Into Emotional Mastery is a 28-day online journey towards a lifetime of emotional and energetic wellness. You’ll join Jennifer Partridge herself for just 15 – 20 minutes a day, as she guides you through easy-to-follow video lessons, tapping exercises, and Soul Shift Challenges that give you mastery of this transformational practice.

🌸 Free Intermittent Fasting Masterclass

Take your fasting practice to a whole new level with simple-yet-powerful science-based techniques that supercharge your results in this Free Masterclass on intermittent fasting the right way with Vishen & Ronan Oliveira, Mindvalley’s Head of Health & Fitness. Burn excess fat, accelerate healing, and increase your longevity, cognitive performance, and mental clarity like never before.

🌸 The Longevity Blueprint

Learn powerful and quick fitness protocols that naturally trigger physiological changes in your body for a complete and total transformation of your entire wellbeing — from your strength and your mobility to your energy levels and your longevity, and more.

🌸 From Depression To Creative Expression

Want to know how to stop feeling like crap and set your artistic expression free? Learn how to boost your creativity with creativity exercises and energy practices.

🌸 Everyday Bliss (Hypnosis for Stress Management)

Everyday Bliss is a 21-day journey towards lifelong freedom from stress. In just 15 minutes or less a day, you’ll experience Paul McKenna’s signature tools and techniques for reprogramming how your mind and body respond to stress.

🌸 Free Live 20-minute RTT Session with Marisa Peer

Reprogram your brain into a wealth attraction machine with a Free Live 20-minute Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Marisa Peer designed to awaken your brain’s neuroplasticity, and rewire your thought patterns for an abundance of wealth, health, and love

🌸 Free Uncompromised Life Masterclass with Marisa Peer

Experience a Live 20-minute Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Marisa to awaken your most confident self. Experience a full transformational hypnotherapy session designed to rapidly bulletproof you against rejection and boost your confidence.

🌸 Feng Shui for Life

Join Marie Diamond, one of the world’s most sought-after Feng Shui masters, as she reveals simple, practical, and affordable steps for harnessing the positive energy from around you.

🌸  Free Pema Chödrön Teachings And eBooks

These Pema Chӧdrӧn teachings include ancient spiritual practices and ways to meditate to liberate your mind from habitual patterns and start living beautifully.

🌸 How To Sleep Like A Baby And Perform Like A Master

Discover why the world’s top performers sleep an extra 90 minutes more than the average person in a new masterclass with sleep expert, Dr Michael Breus, and discover a 5-step formula for the best sleep of your life.

🌸 How To Raise Confident, Authentic Children

Join Dr. Shefali & Vishen Lakhiani in this new parenting Masterclass on How To Raise Confident, Authentic Children by truly connecting, not correcting, them. You’ll learn to deep dive into your fear and stop projecting your own unmet needs on your child and a 5-minute exercise to help you resolve any situation when your child is ‘acting out.’

🌸 Set Healthy Boundaries In Relationships

Learn how to set healthy boundaries in relationships with a free 3-video training series with Boundary Boss author, Terri Cole.

🌸 Free Shadow Work Video Series

The Free Shadow Work Video Series by Caroline Myss and Andrew Harvey is a transformational learning experience to help you embrace and integrate your shadow.

🌸 Free Webinar On Being an Empath Today

If you’re an empath (or highly sensitive person), these are uniquely challenging times. In this empowering free webinar, Dr. Judith Orloff discusses the exceptional gifts of high sensitivity that empaths can access by staying centered and grounded.

🌸 Free Mindfulness Workshops & Courses

Cultivate mindful living with free mindfulness workshops, mindfulness courses, and mindfulness programs to help you learn and teach mindfulness meditation.

🌸 Free EFT Training Online

Looking for emotional freedom technique training? Overcome your emotional blocks with free EFT training online from master EFT practitioner, Brad Yates.

🌸 Free Self-Love Teaching with Matt Kahn

Learn how to practice self-love with Matt Kahn in this free teaching of his self-love-guided practice and become more open to giving and receiving love.

🌸 Free Energy Clearing Session with Christie Marie Sheldon

Commit to liberating yourself from your energy’s shackles and immerse yourself in an energetic transformation. Join us in the masterclass and experience a free energy clearing session with Christie Marie Sheldon.

🌸 Free Energy Healing Masterclass with Jeffrey Allen

Attend this free 60-minute training to realize which energy blocks are holding you back, and exactly how you can eliminate them to finally begin experiencing an abundant flow of love, success, and happiness in your life.

🌸 Free Life Envisioning Masterclass

Design a life so amazing, that you’ll want to live it over, and over, and over again. Experience the ‘Instant Clarity’ exercise: a powerful visualization exercise that guides you through your ideal day.

🌸 Free Training in Energy Mastery

Join Renowned Energy Medicine Teacher Cyndi Dale, creator of The Subtle Body Online Training Program, for Free Training in Energy Mastery.

🌸 Develop Your Emotional Resilience

Learn the skills to develop your emotional resilience, receive guidance from your anxiety, panic, rage and apathy work with your most challenging emotions so you can stop getting overwhelmed, and start seeing the deeper purpose of anxiety, panic, rage, and apathy.

🌸 Trauma and the Embodied Brain

At the leading edge of psychotherapy and neuroscience is a heart-based approach to healing trauma. Learn what every therapist (and human being) needs to know about themselves in this video learning session with Bonnie Badenoch.

🌸 Free Online Parenting Classes

These free online parenting classes and expert parenting courses will help you improve your parenting skills and become a more loving and nurturing parent.

🌸 Free Webinars & Books By Jack Canfield

These free webinars and books by bestselling author, Jack Canfield, will transform your attitude and your life with renewed energy, purpose, and motivation.

🌸 Free Masterclass by Dr. Michael Beckwith

Discover how to go beyond traditional manifesting and live your soul’s purpose in this Free Masterclass by Dr Michael Beckwith. Learn how to break free from societal imprinting, tap into what your soul actually wants and start living the life you were meant to live.

🌸 How To Build A Business That Sets You Free

Whether you’re an experienced or aspiring entrepreneur, join Eric Edmeades as he reveals his transformational Business Freedom Blueprint that elevates your business into a launchpad for total financial & lifestyle freedom, boundless growth & game-changing impact.

🌸 Inner MBA 2021: Let Your Soul Speak In Business & Work

Powerfully grow yourself and your company with the Inner MBA program and sign up for free webinars with Tami Simon, Lisa Lahey, and Daniel Goleman.

🌸 ICF-Accredited Coaching Training & Coach Certification Programs

Become a certified coach. Learn how to start a life coaching business or online coaching business with ICF-accredited coaching training and coach certification programs.

🌸 Use Brand Archetypes to Create a Personal Brand

Learn how to use the 12 Jungian brand archetypes to tap into the subconscious and emotional desires of your audience and create a powerful personal brand.

🌸 Start Speaking With Confidence

Start speaking with confidence with free public speaking books and public speaking exercises from famous public speakers and public speaking coaches.

🌸 Mastering Authentic Networking

Discover the 5-steps to build your own powerful and authentic network – even if you’ve never been a “people person.” You’ll rapidly grow into a brilliant networker as Keith Ferrazzi, the world’s No. 1 networking coach, coaches you daily with the same tools and insights he uses to train the world’s most successful and connected people.

🌸 Free Career Quiz To Find Your Dream Job

Wondering which job suits me or which is the best career for me? This 60-question free career quiz will help you find your dream job.

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