Therapies for Healing Trauma: Recovering from Childhood Trauma


Discover cutting-edge therapies for healing trauma, a powerful resource for overcoming childhood trauma, building resilience, and reclaiming your well-being.

In the complex landscape of trauma and its aftermath, a growing body of work by renowned experts has shed light on the various facets of healing trauma.

From the pioneering concepts of “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk to Gabor Maté’s exploration of “The Myth of Normal,” and Peter Levine’s groundbreaking “Waking the Tiger,” the field of trauma recovery is evolving rapidly.

This article aims to explore key themes and approaches in healing trauma, touching upon somatic healing, the role of childhood experiences, and the myth of normalcy before introducing Sound True’s seminal trauma healing program.

“Your external world mirrors your internal state. Heal the parts of you that need your attention or you will forever live out your pain for all to see.” ~ Dana Hall LCPC, MA, TF-CBT

The Myth of Normal

Gabor Maté’s revolutionary exploration of normalcy challenges ingrained societal perceptions, urging a reevaluation of what we define as standard behavior.

In questioning the fabric of normality, Maté prompts a profound examination of the intricate tapestry of human experiences. His insights empower us to acknowledge that trauma, a complex and often misunderstood phenomenon, can manifest in diverse and unexpected ways.

Maté’s work dismantles the conventional expectations surrounding normalcy, encouraging a compassionate understanding of individuals navigating the aftermath of trauma.

By embracing the nuances of human resilience and vulnerability, Maté inspires a paradigm shift in how we approach and support those on their journey of healing and trauma recovery.

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Somatic Healing and the Body Keeps Score

Bessel van der Kolk’s groundbreaking work, “The Body Keeps the Score,” illuminates the intricate link between trauma and the physical body.

His somatic approach highlights the vital need to confront and address trauma on a bodily level, recognizing that the body serves as a repository for traumatic memories beyond the reach of verbal expression alone.

The therapeutic methods championed by Peter Levine, among others, provide actionable pathways to release and process stored trauma from the body, fostering a holistic approach to recovery.

This approach not only acknowledges the physiological impact of trauma but also emphasizes the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, and physical well-being in the healing process.

healing from psychological trauma

Healing Childhood Trauma

The impact of childhood experiences reverberates through adulthood, a profound truth underscored by experts such as Peter Levine and Paul Conti. Their emphasis on addressing and healing childhood trauma serves as a crucial intervention to disrupt the cyclical nature of suffering.

Therapy modalities, including those pioneered by Richard Schwartz with his “No Bad Parts” approach and Stephanie Foo’s insightful “What My Bones Know,” offer indispensable tools for individuals grappling with the consequences of early trauma.

These therapeutic frameworks guide individuals in navigating the fragmented aspects of their selves, illuminating a path towards integration, self-acceptance, and ultimately, profound healing from the lasting effects of childhood trauma.

healing childhood trauma

Overcoming Trauma and Betrayal

The journey to move beyond trauma requires a courageous confrontation with the emotional scars it leaves behind.

Whether one grapples with the aftermath of betrayal trauma, the wounds of infidelity, or the complexities of a narcissistic relationship, the road to healing is illuminated by specialized therapies and expert guidance.

Notable figures like Bruce Perry contribute valuable insights and therapeutic approaches, providing individuals with specific avenues for addressing and recovering from these challenging experiences.

By acknowledging the unique nuances of each form of trauma and embracing tailored interventions, individuals can embark on a transformative journey toward healing trauma, reclaiming their resilience, and forging a path toward a healthier and more fulfilling future.

“Hurt often holds the hidden key to unlocking your greatest healing.” ~ Brittany Burgunder

Holistic Trauma Healing Therapy and Ancestral Healing

The path to healing trauma transcends individual narratives, extending into the profound realms of generational and ancestral trauma. Embracing holistic approaches becomes imperative in addressing the interconnected threads of pain woven through family histories.

Biblical perspectives and sound therapies, championed by organizations like Sounds True, offer comprehensive tools that resonate on multiple levels. Holistic healing recognizes the intricate interplay of past, present, and future, acknowledging that familial wounds can reverberate across generations.

By delving into these deeper layers and incorporating diverse modalities, individuals can initiate a transformative journey towards not only personal recovery but also the restoration of ancestral well-being, breaking the cycle of intergenerational trauma.

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Free Webinar: Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)®.

Dr. Elizabeth Stanley is another inspiring example of resilience in life. As a US Army veteran with a PTSD diagnosis, she used to be a firm believer in “powering through” and thought it would be cool to pursue two graduate degrees simultaneously.

It took the onset of asthma, chronic lung infections, a near-death experience, insomnia, migraines, clinical depression, and temporary blindness for her to finally decide that there must be a better way.

For the next 15 years, she studied the neurobiology of stress, trauma, and resilience, initially as a way to save herself, and then to help others heal, too. The result was an evidence-based approach to resilience called Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)®.

MMFT will help you learn how to widen your window of resilience to enhance your mental performance, perform better in challenging environments, and ground yourself in lifelong wellness and healthy connections with others.

In this free webinar with Dr. Elizabeth Stanley, you’ll discover the neurobiology of resilience, learn how to recover from trauma, build a tolerance to stress, and gain clarity and wisdom to stay calm under pressure.

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Recover from Trauma

Free Audio on Breaking the Cycle of Trauma: 4 Pathways to Personal Healing

Have you found yourself grappling with the aftermath of childhood trauma, its subtle impact manifesting as distressing symptoms, behaviors, and actions that cast a shadow over your life?

Whether it’s anxiety or the weight of shame, the burden may feel isolating. You don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Countless individuals bear the burden of trauma, its impact often hidden beneath symptoms, behaviors, and actions with elusive root causes.

Embarking on the path to healing can be a formidable task, and we recognize the challenges it presents. That’s why Sounds True is extending a free resource to you—an opportunity to take the initial step toward a brighter future, and the best part?

Dive into a curated selection of four distinct audio offerings featuring esteemed teachers from The Healing Trauma Program: Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein, Konda Mason, Deb Dana, and Dr. Judith Blackstone.

Each brings expertise in a unique field of study to guide you through the process of healing from trauma, paving the way for the peace and happiness you truly deserve. Your journey to healing starts here, and it starts now.

Delve into the pathway that resonates with your current struggles and unlock profound teachings from one of the nation’s foremost experts in trauma recovery. It’s time to navigate towards healing, guided by the wisdom of a leading authority.

Choose your pathway to break free from the cycle and embark on a journey of transformative personal healing.

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Sounds True Healing Trauma Program by Jeffrey Rutstein

Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein is an esteemed clinical psychologist, a trailblazer in trauma treatment, a certified Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic psychotherapist, and a meditation virtuoso with over 50 years of practice.

With a rich background spanning over 35 years in private practice, Dr. Rutstein is more than a practitioner; he’s a beacon of expertise devoted to alleviating human suffering.

His mission is to guide individuals on a transformative journey, helping them not only navigate through trauma but also empowering them to seize their inherent strengths, talents, and unique capacities.

Embark on a transformative journey with The Healing Trauma Program, curated by the insightful Jeffrey Rutstein. Trauma, in its myriad forms, has an insidious way of etching into the depths of our souls, leaving scars that seemingly defy healing.

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The Healing Trauma Program is a transformative experience curated by revered educators, researchers, and clinical practitioners at the forefront of trauma healing.

This program equips you with invaluable tools to comprehend your responses to trauma, anticipate triggers, and unearth a stable foundation within yourself during tumultuous times.

Whether haunted by memories of a painful past, drowning in the stress of daily life, or grappling with the weight of collective trauma, here’s the beacon of hope you’ve been seeking.

The Healing Trauma Program is more than a solution; it’s a catalyst for profound change—a metamorphosis that liberates you to reconnect with your body, soothe your nervous system, and unshackle your true self.

Discover the art of “being” a healing presence and empower yourself to “act” as a force of transformation. In the hands of Dr. Rutstein, you’ll discover a path to a more fulfilling and enriched life.

Your dedication to The Healing Trauma Program is not just a personal gift but a contribution that transcends generations. The effects of this life-changing training will resonate, creating ripples that extend far beyond yourself.

Professionals in various fields, including therapists, educators, community leaders, massage therapists, and yoga teachers, will discover profound wisdom—elevating their ability to teach and nurture others with enhanced compassion.

Parents, volunteers, and community members at large will also benefit immensely from The Healing Trauma Program, becoming a healing presence and a calming influence for friends, family, peers, and everyone they encounter.

Enrich your life and empower those around you by embarking on this transformative journey towards healing trauma and building resilience and well-being.

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sounds true healing trauma program
In the The Healing Trauma Program, you’ll embark on a transformative learning experience with Sounds True’s world-renowned faculty—a diverse group of experts drawing from their professional and personal experiences to guide you through a curriculum that transcends boundaries.

Engage with cutting-edge research, benefitting from the wealth of understanding and insights amassed over the last two decades of dedicated exploration into trauma.

Immerse yourself in the innovative nine-month blended Healing Trauma Program, seamlessly integrating virtual live sessions and self-paced learning, offering over 30 hours of enriching content.

Access the wisdom of Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein, PsyD, in two live Q&A sessions. Pose questions, seek clarification on content, or address any challenges you may encounter along your learning journey.

Participate in monthly practice sessions, where hands-on activities and guided practices led by expert instructors create a dynamic space for collaborative learning.

Forge connections with fellow students, share insights, and collectively enrich your understanding of trauma. Join this educational voyage where expertise meets interactive learning, fostering a community dedicated to advancing knowledge and healing.

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Dr. Peter Levine’s Healing Trauma Online Course

Dr. Peter A. Levine is a distinguished expert in stress and trauma studies with a rich legacy spanning 45 years.

Renowned as the creator of Somatic Experiencing®, a holistic trauma healing approach, he has imparted his knowledge at diverse institutions worldwide, ranging from treatment centers and hospitals to pain clinics.

Throughout his career, he has navigated the complexities of various traumatic experiences, including accidents, assaults, abuse, and invasive medical procedures.

His Healing Trauma Online Course from Sounds True is a step-by-step program for restoring the wisdom of the body.

Healing Trauma Online Course Objectives:

  • Evaluate instances where trauma might underlie anxiety, insomnia, depression, and unexplained pain.
  • Apply nature’s wisdom to regain equilibrium and harmony.
  • Explain the principles of Somatic Experiencing®.
  • Demonstrate preventative techniques for trauma.
  • Utilize exercises to release past trauma stored in the body.
  • Discuss exercises fostering resilience for future challenges.

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sounds true peter levine

Dr. Peter A. Levine’s pioneering methods have aided numerous trauma survivors, spanning combat veterans, auto accident victims, individuals with chronic pain, and even infants following traumatic births.

Through the Healing Trauma Online Course, this esteemed biophysicist, therapist, and educator shares empowering insights for restoring balance to both body and mind.

Featuring over seven hours of expert guidance and Dr. Levine’s responses to participant questions, this comprehensive course delves into releasing unresolved traumas for a more fulfilling life.

Drawing on four decades of research, Dr. Levine gently leads participants through the essential principles of his Somatic Experiencing® four-phase process.

From identifying stored distress to understanding physiological responses to danger, the course provides specific methods for freeing oneself from trauma. By addressing symptoms at their source—the body—the program guides individuals back to their innate state of living.

With all-new downloadable videos and materials, the Healing Trauma Online Course presents a step-by-step program to restore the body’s wisdom, enhance resilience, and reconnect with inherent aliveness.

“I firmly believe that not only is trauma treatable, but the healing process can act as a catalyst for profound awakening.” ~ Dr. Peter A. Levine

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The landscape of trauma recovery is a tapestry woven with diverse perspectives and approaches, offering a wealth of options for those on the path to healing.

From the somatic healing modalities that delve into the body’s role in trauma to addressing the profound impact of childhood experiences, overcoming the scars of betrayal, and embracing holistic methods, individuals have a spectrum of therapies and resources at their disposal.

Key to this journey is the understanding that normalcy is a fluid concept and that there are no “bad parts” within an individual.

By dispelling the myths surrounding normalcy, society can collectively work to unravel the invisible epidemic of trauma, fostering an environment steeped in understanding, compassion, and a shared commitment to healing.

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