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The Silva Ultramind System: Meditation For Creativity


The Silva Ultramind System

Meditation For Creativity

Learn how to boost your creativity with meditation and brainwaves. Get reliable access to the Alpha, Theta, and Delta states of mind with the Silva Ultramind System Mindvalley Course.

Learn how to boost your creativity with meditation and brainwaves. Find out how to unlock the full potential of your mind with the Silva Ultramind System Mindvalley Course.

Looking for new ways to boost creativity? Some forms of meditation for creativity can help reliably access altered states of mind.

The Silva Ultramind System Mindvalley Course is a highly optimized framework for awakening your mind’s fullest potential.

The brainwave audios and brainwaves instructions will help you access different types of brainwaves, such as alpha brainwaves, theta brainwaves, and delta brainwaves. Change your brainwave activity to unlock your full brain and access your dormant abilities.

In one of Jose Silva’s books, The Silva Mind Control Method, he wrote,

“When you’re daydreaming, or just going to sleep but not quite there yet, or just awakening but not yet awake, you are in Alpha. When you are asleep you are in Alpha, Theta, or Delta. With Mind Control training you can enter the Alpha level at will and still remain fully alert.”

Have you ever had one of those moments of profound mental clarity? I’m talking about those moments where a creative idea just pops in your head while you’re in the shower?

Or you magically solve a problem you’ve been working on for hours – or even days? Or when you get that little intuitive gut-feel that guides you towards the right decision?

I’m willing to bet this has definitely happened to you. It happens to all of us. The problem is – for the vast majority of us, they seem to only ever happen at random. But what if you could train your mind to do this on-demand whenever you need it most?

It may sound crazy to most but this is exactly what you’ll learn to do in an extraordinary new online Masterclass on ‘Mastering Altered States for Rapid Problem-Solving,’ taught by Mindvalley founder and NYT bestselling author, Vishen Lakhiani.

In this Silva Ultramind Class, Vishen reveals a powerful mental problem-solving technique called ‘Mirror of the Mind’ designed to get you into that elusive alpha state of mind where creativity, intuition, and self-healing happen at an accelerated rate.

This free Masterclass on ‘Mastering Altered States for Rapid Problem-Solving‘ is designed to get you into that elusive alpha state of mind where creativity, intuition, and self-healing happen at an accelerated rate.

Doing this will allow your mind to automatically come up with creative solutions for virtually any setback or obstacle you may be facing right now.

It could be a financial issue, a health problem, or a big life decision you need to make. Or perhaps you simply want to envision a richer and more fulfilling life for yourself.

Whatever challenges you’re wrestling with, this ‘Mirror of the Mind’ technique will help you give you the guidance you need.

This is just one of many Silva Method techniques that make up one of the most powerful mind-enhancement systems on the planet which has transformed over 6 million lives over the last 60 years – The Silva Method.

By the end of this 90-minute Mindvalley Silva Method session, you’ll be walking away with powerful tools to access altered states of mind so you can:

  • Rapidly solve problems at work and at home
  • Become highly attuned to your intuition
  • Align yourself with your purpose and personal power
  • Manifest what you truly want into reality
  • Learn how to boost your creativity on demand

…and much, much more.

You’ll learn exercises to boost creativity and unlock your mind’s potential with the Silva Ultra Mind System and get reliable access to the Alpha, Theta, and Delta states of mind.

The Silva Ultramind Method is based on the Jose Silva Method – a pioneering mind empowerment methodology founded in 1960 by Texan radio engineer Jose Silva, with over 6 million students in 110 countries.

Watch the Free Masterclass and learn about The Silva Method® now

Free Silva Ultramind Masterclass

The Unlimited You Silva Ultramind Mindvalley Course

Access altered states of mind and transform your reality with the Silva Ultramind System. The Unlimited You is a 9-part Silva Ultramind Mindvalley Course containing everything you need to start awakening the hidden power of your mind with The Silva Method.

Possibly the most powerful mind enhancement system on the planet, the Silva Method Mastery Course has been rigorously proven through science, trusted worldwide for decades, and is now available on Mindvalley.

I practiced the Silva Mind Control Method (also known as the Silva Ultramind ESP System) at a difficult time in my life and it helped me open up my mind to so many new possibilities and rediscover abilities that I had forgotten.

Yes, we all have these dormant abilities, and with the Silva Method, you’ll learn how to unlock the full potential of your brain and access the Alpha level of mind for creative problem solving and healing.

In addition, the Silva Ultramind System will teach you how to access the Theta level for waking psychic and intuitive ability, and also the Delta level while your conscious mind sleeps, so that you can receive guidance from higher intelligence.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this 28-day Silva Mind Control Course:

  • Multiply Your Manifestation Power: beautifully align your thoughts and actions with your deepest desires, so everything you want in life manifests more quickly, smoothly, and easily.
  • Develop Crystal-Clear Intuition: tap into your subconscious mind’s limitless intelligence, and harness it to make better life decisions (while steering clear of the wrong ones).
  • Boost Your Creativity: Learn to tap into Theta levels of mind to source ideas and inspiration, and see your creative output and performance soar.
  • Holistic Healing: the mind’s ability to assist in physical healing is well documented. Learn how to use your mind to accelerate healing, and as a complement to your wellness practices.
  • Become Unshakably Positive: channel your newfound abilities towards a deep sense of confidence in everything you do, knowing you have the power to shape your reality and overcome any obstacle.

… And so much more.

No prior experience is necessary to learn the Silva Ultramind technique. You can start your practice as soon as you access the course.

Everything in this Silva Ultramind Course, including the world-famous Jose Silva meditation, called the Silva Centering Exercise, creativity-boosting guided meditations, and fascinating insights into the art of creative visualization, is designed to benefit anyone from any level.

When you join this transformational Mindvalley Silva Ultramind Program, prepare to access altered states of mind to transform your reality and manifest awe-inspiring outcomes, awaken eye-opening clarity and intuition and elevate every area of your life.

The Silva Ultramind Technique is now used by over 6 million people in 110 countries. Learn how to unlock your brain’s full potential with the Silva Method®. It may be the key to your breakthrough life.

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The Silva Ultramind System

How To Boost Creativity With Meditation And Brainwaves
The Silva Ultramind System
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