Prayer To the Goddess Isis for Strength and Sovereignty

May this prayer to the Goddess Isis inspire and empower the Divine Feminine to protect their sovereignty and embrace their inner strength.


O mighty Isis, Goddess of Sovereignty,
Hear our humble plea, we beseech Thee,
You who hold the power of the Divine Feminine,
Grant us strength, wisdom, and grace divine.

In your name, we find our inner sovereignty’s key,
Guide us through life’s challenges and set us free,
Protect our rights, our voices, and our will,
With your loving presence, our hearts, you fill.

Isis, the embodiment of motherly care,
Wrap us in your wings, hear our earnest prayer,
Empower us to stand in our truth and might,
As we navigate life’s challenges, day and night.

Teach us to honor the power we possess,
To protect our boundaries, and in you, find success,
With your divine guidance, we shall rise,
Embracing our sovereignty, reaching for the skies.

Isis, Lady of Magic and Healing, we implore,
Bless us with your wisdom forevermore,
May we, the Divine Feminine, strong and bold,
Safeguard our sovereignty as we grow old.

May your eternal light shine on our path,
In your presence, we shall never feel the aftermath,
O Isis, protectress of our sacred space,
Grant us strength, love, and boundless grace.

As above, so below, in your name, we say,
Isis, guide and guard us every step of the way,
In your sovereignty, we find our own,
So be it, by the Goddess’s throne.

Goddess Isis Prayer

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