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Free Pema Chödrön Teachings And eBooks

Free Pema Chödrön Teachings & eBooks

These Pema Chӧdrӧn teachings include ancient spiritual practices and ways to meditate to liberate your mind from habitual patterns and start living beautifully.

Free Pema Chödrön Audio: Finding Freedom from Our Patterns

In this free audio teaching, Beloved Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön reveals how we’re all hooked by our emotional triggers and how we can break free.

Whether or not we realize it, we’ve all been stuck in habitual patterns — or as Pema Chӧdrӧn calls it, “hooked.” For example, say someone criticizes you or your child. Your jaw tenses, your face flushes, and before you know it, you’re lashing out, fanning the emotional flames.

In a different scenario, say you’ve been left out of a group text. That burning feeling rises in you again, only this time you turn the attack on yourself, unleashing a vicious inner monologue. You can’t help it … you’re hooked.

Whatever we turn to in moments like these — be it rage, self-criticism, food, alcohol, or other “fixes” — our habitual responses serve one common goal: to ease our emotional suffering. But these knee-jerk reactions do nothing to help us in the long run. In fact, they hurt us!

Fortunately for us all, Pema knows a thing or two about this universal condition. In her free audio teaching, Finding Freedom from Our Patterns, Pema explains why we get hooked—and what we can do to bring about positive change right now.

If you’ve ever felt stuck in self-defeating behaviours… or unsure of how to respond to emotional triggers in a wise, constructive way, join beloved Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön for this fascinating and empowering talk.

Learn how to liberate yourself from the habitual patterns that hold you back. Sign up today and let Ani Pema explain shenpa – the power of pause – and how “positive groundlessness” can set you free.

  • How We Get “Hooked”

Pema explains the Tibetan Buddhist notion of shenpa — the state of being “hooked” in a habit or pattern that causes us to suffer. By first noticing the tug of shenpa, we can begin to free ourselves from its grip.

  • The Power of Pause

When we are triggered, it is tempting to “scratch the itch” in order to ease the discomfort we feel. But as Pema teaches, learning to pause in the presence of shenpa leads us to the “doorway of enlightenment.”

  • Moving Beyond Hopes and Fears

To liberate ourselves from our patterns of suffering, we must bravely step into what Pema calls “positive groundlessness.” In this unfamiliar place, we are free to discover the true nature of ourselves and reality.

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Free Pema Chodron Audio

Free eBook: 5 Teachings of Pema Chödrön

Love Pema Chodron books? Deepen your spiritual practice with five fundamental teachings in a free eBook from Pema Chödrön.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How to tap into the natural warmth of your heart
  • Why meditation is vital
  • How to make the most of your day — and your life
  • How to develop unconditional compassion
  • How to enjoy life

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Pema Chodron Latest Book

The Freedom to Love with Pema Chödrön

If you’re finding it hard to be the compassionate and openhearted person you know you truly are in these challenging times, this six-session online training course with Pema Chödrön will help you discover the four limitless qualities – loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity – and how to apply them to your life.

“Loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and acceptance — we all hold these qualities of basic goodness within,” teaches Ani Pema. “It’s our natural state. We don’t have to find or gain anything. We simply have to uncover what we already have.”

In this immersive online retreat, you’ll begin to rediscover these qualities from the first session.

“When we’re not clouded by emotions, not shut down by old habits and fears, even if for a moment, we realize what’s best for ourselves. We go in the direction of healing and openness. And we discover the freedom to love.” ~ Pema Chödrön

Cultivating these practices will open your heart, counter the distortions in your relationships with yourself and others, and allow you to deepen into yourself.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Open Your Heart

Tap into the natural compassion and joy within you

  • Expand Your Boundaries

Reach out to others and all of nature by finding and radiating your “basic goodness”

  • Transform Suffering into Happiness

Practices for facing our inner obstacles and addictions

  • Lean into Love

How to give and receive loving-kindness — even when it feels impossible

  • Befriend Your Fear, Anger, and Sadness

Using self-compassion as a healing cradle for pain

  • Cultivate Joy and Gratitude

How to celebrate and appreciate the good, even in a difficult situation

This course from Pema Chodron on love also includes working with the obstacles to the four limitless qualities — closed-downness, fear, a sense of lack, jealousy, and prejudice or bias. These obstacles are used as stepping stones to discover the four limitless qualities, which are their opposites.

The Freedom to Love will engage you with written teachings, insightful video and audio sessions, and weekly self-reflection practices and meditations, plus two sessions recorded with Pema Chödrön answering questions from a live audience.

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