Free Masterclass: Qigong for Beginners with Lee Holden

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Free Masterclass: Qigong for Beginners with Lee Holden

Learn Qigong for beginners exercises to manage stress and build your immune system with internationally renowned meditation and Qigong teacher, Lee Holden.

These Qigong for beginners exercises will help you build your immune system, rejuvenate your body, and achieve radiant health with internationally renowned Qigong teacher, Lee Holden.

What if you could keep moving, exploring, performing, and evolving like someone in the prime of their life – even well into your golden years?

According to internationally renowned Qigong expert Lee Holden, practitioners have been applying a body of knowledge to achieve the impossible for over 4,500 years.

Lee Holden suffered a debilitating injury while playing soccer for the University of Berkeley, California. Conventional treatments failed him while Qigong accelerated him towards a full and rapid recovery.

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This led to decades of study with various institutions and the world’s foremost experts. Today… Lee is a household name on US and Canadian television.

His books, classes, and workshops are popular around the world, and even among corporations like Apple and celebrities like Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider.

The Modern Qigong program shows you how to recover your youthful energy, awaken glowing health, and gain freedom from physical and emotional pain at any age.

And as you’ll discover in Lee’s free Mindvalley Masterclass, working with your Qi is a lot easier than you think.

In this free Masterclass with Lee Holden, you’ll discover your untapped inner power and gain a profound new understanding of Qi and how to regain youthfulness, health, and vitality.

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In Mindvalley’s Modern Qigong Quest, Lee will guide you towards achieving this through a series of powerful guided exercises and meditations – each awakening a new profound ability, such as:

  • Heal and energize your body and mind with Qi breathing
  • Instant focus and clarity with daily Qi breaks,
  • Calling onto nature for limitless energy,
  • The Qi shield for self-protection against negative forces,
  • Flowing with the five elements,
  • Mastering every dimension of your life by harnessing the power of Qi

…. and so much more.

But Modern Qigong is just the beginning of what may be the most rewarding journey of your life.

Because as a Mindvalley Member, you also get access to Mindvalley’s entire customizable curriculum of 50+ (and counting) transformational programs for awakening your greatness in ALL areas of life.

From your productivity and performance to your health and fitness, to your relationships and spiritual growth – Mindvalley Membership transforms you every day and in every way.

All with the support of the world’s best teachers, learning technology, and community. And all for as low as $1.36 a day!

Go here to activate your Mindvalley Membership and join the next intake of Modern Qigong.

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