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How To Practice Self Love: Free Self-Love Teaching with Matt Kahn


How To Practice Self Love

Free Self-Love Teaching with Matt Kahn

Learn how to practice self-love with Matt Kahn in this free teaching of his self-love guided practice and become more open to giving and receiving love.

You are the one you’ve been seeking! It’s counterintuitive but, according to Matt Kahn, when we place our unconditional love upon the person in the mirror, everything shifts.

He is renowned as one of the contemporary spirituality’s most gentle and empathetic teachers and this free teaching is your opportunity to learn directly from this modern master!

While you may not know it consciously, within you (and everyone) is a spiritually refined, clear-eyed, and equanimous version of your Self. This great master has been waiting for you from the day you were born — and when you claim your own mastery, you unlock the ability to live with your heart completely open.

The secret to embodying this mastery is profoundly simple and paradoxical. It’s a path where spiritual maturity is only possible by embracing our innate childlike innocence and loving that innocence in a way that only we ourselves can.

To go deeper into this topic, we invite you to this free teaching from Matt’s landmark course, Whatever Arises, Love That. You’ll discover the first steps to embracing your innate innocence, unravelling the overstimulated ego, releasing emotional clutter, and opening your heart to the light of your highest potential.

Join Matt in a guided practise of revolutionary self-love and become more open to giving and receiving love, begin to unravel the overstimulated nervous system and reconnect with your own childlike innocence to reveal the master you’ve always been.

Matt Kahn will teach you how to:

  • Understand the Ego: Reconceive ego as nervous system inflammation, and explore its sometimes-tricky origins.
  • Soothe Your Inner Child: Learn to connect with the breath, the body, and your own innocent nature to step out of the ego.
  • Open Your Heart: When you become the source of your own loving affection and devote yourself to radical vulnerability, you become a living transmission of love.

Experience Matt Kahn’s free teaching from his online program Whatever Arises, Love That and become a living transmission of love. Be a part of this wonderfully transformative online course on the truth of your heart-centred nature, open your heart, and discover for yourself how powerful you were always meant to be.

This luminary teaching includes a guided practice in revolutionary self-love that will open your eyes to the effectiveness of Matt’s empowering core philosophy.

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How To Practice Self Love
Practicing Self Love
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